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- Handbook 1 - Timber Structures
“Handbook 1“ deals with the basics of wood technology and timber engineering and presents an overview of the various topics.

Handbook 1 – Final version English(*.PDF)

- Handbook 2 - Design of Timber Structures According to EC 5
“Handbook 2“ emphasizes the regulations and specifications of Eurocode 5 (EC5). This standard will be the basis for the design and erection of timber structures in Europe in the future. In addition to present the specifications of EC5 the design procedures are illustrated by some characteristic examples.

Handbook 2 - Final version English(*.PDF)

- Case studies
The purpose of preparing the set of case studies was to present successfully built timber constructions in the countries participating on the project. The case studies show the information of the construction from its preparations till realization. With help of multimedia aids its shown what is necessary for the construction to be erected and what is necessary for its realization. The language of the product is easy for widest audience.

     1st set of case studies

     2nd set of case studies:

- Instruction handbook to elaborated case studies
The main purpose of the Instruction handbook is to help teachers and lecturers to understand the breath of the subject accelerating their knowledge and interactive teaching methods in order they are able to deliver the product to students efficiently. The product can be used as a practical complementation to Handbook 1 and Handbook 2.
The educational aims of the Instruction handbook is to give teachers the expert awareness on the issue of timber structures and timber–based constructions and as good understanding of the elaborated case studies as possible. The product will include also questions for students, tasks for individual work.

- Database of timber constructions

- A template for preparing an entry into the database of timber constructions
Template (*.DOC)

- Seminars on the issue of timber structures and timber based constructions

Handbooks - local language versions

Handbook 1 – Final version Czech(*.PDF)
Handbook 1 – Final version German(*.PDF)
Handbook 1 – Final version Polish(*.PDF)

Handbook 2 - Final version Czech(*.PDF)
Handbook 2 - Final version German(*.PDF)
Handbook 2 - Final version Polish(*.PDF)

Vocabulary (*.pdf)

Educational Materials for Designing and Testing of Timber Structures - TEMTIS ** VŠB-TU Ostrava, Fakulta stavební**
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