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Aims of the project
Nowadays the process of technical standards harmonization in the field of building structures design culminates in Europe. This process concerns even the field of timber structures and brings many changes into the methodology of designing and assessment of supporting members, joints and the whole systems. It is necessary to enable students of relevant fields at Civil Engineering faculties, as well as graduated construction experts that deal with the issue of timber structures professionally, to familiarize with such changes. Another reason for preparing this project was a modern trend aiming at bigger use of timber and timber-based materials in construction. This trend is in harmony with the world-wide pursuit of sustainable development and bigger use of renewable materials and energies. The project results will contribute to broadening of awareness of timber structures and timber-based constructions. The project meets educational needs of target groups. Its results have informative and brainstorming functions.
The aim of the proposed project is to prepare a complex set of educational materials in the electronic form in the field of designing and assessment of supporting members and structures of timber structures. The programmes will also include the issues of structural analysis of timber structures.
The materials will be prepared according to a unified frame in English and some of them also in national versions. As a part of educational materials we would produce an Instruction handbook for lecturers, 2 Handbooks and sets of practical examples (solved case studies).
The project website will present a database of timber constructions in countries participating on the project.
The materials will be used in courses at Civil Engineering faculties. The materials will serve both for teaching requirements in Master's and Doctoral study programmes of Civil Engineering faculties and for requirements of lifelong learning of professional public by professional chambers of civil engineers. The project results can be used also in partner countries.

Educational Materials for Designing and Testing of Timber Structures - TEMTIS ** VŠB-TU Ostrava, Fakulta stavební**
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