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    Project introduction

Brownfields in Baltic States - Lifelong Educational Project

Brownfields are abandoned or disused land within urban fabric which requires an intervention to be return to beneficial use. Brownfields solutions need growing local economy and sufficient local know-how, which can supply missing local knowledge and help to form suitable national and local policies and program priorities.

This project wants to accelerate gaining of such a local know-how and to supply it where it can be most pertinent - that is in the hands of the local practising professionals. It focuses on transfer and expansion of knowledge which was initially developed by the partners of the project LEPOB (Lifelong Educational Project on Brownfields no. CZ/04/B/F/PP-168014). Decision on transfer of knowledge was evoked on the basis of the evaluation of the impact the LEPOB made so far on the new member countries and on the need in Baltic countries for such a type of education being available in the local language. Baltic partners recommend to update and expand the LEPOB project original generic products (this will enable its further reuse for example in Balkan countries) and to make them also into a local language.

Two Baltic countries were selected for transfer of knowledge – Latvia and Lithuania. Their partners from the Czech Republic and Slovakia have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the brownfields regeneration issue and can help the target countries to deliver this project objectives.

The overall aim of this project is accelerate the sustainable urban development skills. This will be achieved by enabling information and experience in brownfields regeneration to practising professionals, representatives of municipalities and regions as well as to students who may once play an important role in brownfields regeneration after their graduation. The project wants to develop local teachers, capable to teach aspects of this multi-disciplinary subject.

The aim of the project is to prepare an educational material based on the Brownfields Handbook that was prepared within the LEPOB project. Handbook will be updated with the recent international brownfields reuse trends supplemented with specifics of Lithuania and Latvia. This updated generic version will be translated into Lithuanian and Latvian. This new material will be made available to professional organizations for distribution to their members as well as for distribution to representatives of municipalities. (in the Czech republic over 25 000 civil engineers can receive such a CD). Handbook will also be available at the project website.
Another aim is to prepare a short teaching course. For purpose of the course, the teaching materials (slides, manual) which were elaborated within the LEPOB project, will be adjusted. The course will be prepared in the extent of 8 teaching hours. That means that the extent of slides from LEPOB project will be modified to about 120 slides and the Teaching manual will have about 80 A4 pages. Yet again a generic version will be made from which the educational materials will be presented at the seminar in Lithuania and Latvia at Demonstration teaching in the English language. Then the materials will be made country specific and prepared in Latvian and Lithuanian. They will be used by the local universities in frames of a lifelong learning programme and in learning programs of professional organizations in case of their interest. Elaborated materials will also serve as a basis for preparation of a study programme “Regeneration of Brownfields” at Kaunas University of Technology.
As already mentioned above, from the long-time aspect the project is focused on people in various activity sectors, representatives of towns and municipalities and developers and others who will be benefit from the information acquired during the course and from the handbooks that will help them in their job and increase the speed of brownfields regeneration as well. That could be profitable for the whole society.    

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